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Dreams Ltd

Originally joining as a junior web developer in order to help out with day to day tasks, I quickly became a valued member of the online trading team. Assisting with not only the day to day tasks but also improving the site load speed, using tried and tested techniques. This helps improve customer experience and overall bounce rate & spend rate.

We switched platforms from Magento to Hybris and Amplience to proved a "Headless Web" experience. This meant that we had only one source of information going to each required destination.

Along with Hybris, we developed a mobile version of the site, working closely with Google. This version uses the same Amplience feed as Hybris but is build entirely in-house in PHP with Google's AMP project to help page load times.

Websites By Lime Ltd

Creating, maintaining and developing websites either bespoke or using eisting templates as per customer requests. Develop for Mobile first using Bootstrap. Create and import Domains. Set-up Email addresses. Ensure images are mobile friendly. Creating and altering designs based on conversing with customers.

Alpha Cleaning

Custom logo created in Inkscape SVG format for better scaling. Mobile friendly. A simple site with customers own images added to give a moer personal feel.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, PHP, Bootstrap 3, Inkscape, GIMP

South Hants Lawns

A joint creation. This customer had very specific requests includin modifing the inner HTML when on a small screen. This was done using jquery on the screen size.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap 3

James Thorpe Bespoke Carpentry

This customer had a very specific look in mind. He wanted to show case his work as the background. The effect was created using CSS3 animations. We went through numerous iterations to arrive at the final look including changing the text background and positions.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, PHP

Town and Country Landscapes

Based on a simple design, this one has a custome image fader to showcase some of his work before and after.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, PHP, javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap 3

Clapham Holme Farm

This site was based on a template which has been heavily modified. Added custom Bootstrap controls to seperate the diffrent galleries and show or hide to suit. A bespoke image thumnail generator. Improved page loading times.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, PHP, javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap 4


Adrian Bateman's Portfolio

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STBType Application

STB Type

I created this application whilst working for QubeGB. I found it time consuming to continue looking through the vast table on paper to find the specific type of equipment by looking for a bar-code pattern.

What you do is to simply scan the bar-code and it will search it's database, returning the type of STB for my paperwork. This has vastly improved my productivity.


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